Active Seating

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Squircle®- Active Seating Stool

General Specifications

  • Model Numbers
  • Squircle- 13" SQ-13
  • Squircle- 15" SQ-15
  • Squircle- 18" SQ-18

  • Stool is made from durable polypropylene.
  • Seat has a comfortable foam center.
  • Stool is easily movable with a waterfall edge that doubles as a grab handle.
  • The stool is available in 3 fixed heights: 13”,15” and 18”.  
  • Stool can be cleaned easily with a mild soap and warm water solution and should be dried thoroughly. 
  • Well-designed 13” dome base is uniquely designed to prevent tipping over.
  • The rubber non-slip base is stable, moves with the child and naturally rests in an upright position.
  • Rubber overmold on the upper base allows for students’ feet to rest firmly on stool.