Active SeatingSquircle®- Active Seating Stool

The Squircle® allows students a comfortable and safe way to release energy with a unique dome base angled to sway securely in every direction. The soft, durable foam seat was created to relieve muscles from hours of sitting. An appealing addition to any learning environment. The Squircle® can be paired with desks or tables, and can be used in reading or lounge areas.

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Zed SeriesZed Chair

Our latest design featuring extreme comfort, flexibility, and long-lasting engineering. This chair stacks eight high. Built-in carry handle, hybrid engineering that minimizes wear and tear, lightweight, with a smooth back for optimal design and cleaning.

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Inspiration Seating SeriesInspiration School Chair

Designed with the latest looks, trends and colors, the Inspiration chair stacks ten high. Dual, flexing curves provide exceptional support. Strongest materials; self-adjusting glides with a built-in carry handle.

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Classic Seating SeriesClassic School Chair

Timeless design in a classic favorite with waterfall seat and curved, vented back to support all students. Five sizes, heavy-duty shell, tubular back supports and self-adjusting, nickel-plated glides with nylon inserts.

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Hard Plastic Seating SeriesHard Plastic School Chair

Contoured to follow natural body lines while offering maximum support, this gooseneck-shaped chair remains a nationwide staple for over 40 years. Sturdiest construction makes this our strongest chair.

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Fixed Lab Stool

Educational SeriesLab Stool

Designed for labs and art rooms, these wider stools boast strength, stability and easy-clean surface. Large under-seat plates are welded to frame for years of secure seating. Fixed or adjustable-height with optional back rest.

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Boost Series - Café Tables & StoolsCafé Stools

Appealing café height stools are the perfect seating options for connecting, collaborating or chilling in common areas.

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