Synergy Desk Series
Synergy Desk

Bloom into Collaboration! No need to choose space over collaborative learning teaching styles. This desk only uses only 31 to 44 square inches of classroom space. More students no longer equals less space. Create a synergistic relationship with modern teaching styles and furniture with the Synergy Desk.

Fifteen Year WarrantyMAS Certified Green

Key Features & Accessories

  • Desktop

    Extra-large desk top on the Synergy desk; 681 sq. inches of work surface, ideal for collaborative classroom environments. Set in rows for lecture-based classes.

  • Pod of 3

    With 3 students in a pod, this desk uses 31 sq. ft.

  • Pod of 4

    Add one more desk and only 4 sq. ft are added for a total of 35 sq. ft.

  • Pod of 5

    Five students in a pod only requires 4 more sq. ft from a pod of 4, totaling 40 sq. ft.

  • Pod of 6

    More students does not equal more space. The Synergy's unique shape maximizes classroom space. A pod of 6 only uses 44 sq. ft of classroom space.

  • Glide and Caster Compatible

    This desk comes standard with 2" height adjustable glides. Want to go mobile? The Synergy desk is compatible with 3" heavy duty locking casters.

  • Heavy Duty Support Plate

    The upper legs are attached to the unitized frame quick-mount brackets and supported by heavy duty steel support plates.

  • Book-box

    Maintain the classroom's neatness by adding a steel mesh book-box. This book-box also has a pencil groove.


Limitless Possibilities

Bloom into collaboration with the Synergy! Customize and get creative with our many finish and color options. Explore the series.

Explore all of the color possibilities in our 2024 catalog

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Bloom into Collaboration



As individual desks, or in pods of 2, 3, 4 or 5, Synergy is the ultimate in collaborative seating options.



Artistic profile stands gracefully alone; fits together to form stylish shapes for student collaboration, with or without teacher supervision.



Your choice of casters or glides easily rearranges for years of various grouping needs. Reinforcing supports add greater durability.



Adjustable heights accommodate K-12. Sturdy, smooth surface cleans in a cinch.


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General Specifications

Synergy Desk with Mesh Bookbox and custom top
  • Model Numbers
  • Standard Synergy Desk 5200
  • Educational Edge Synergy Desk 5200EE
  • Standing Height Synergy Desk 5200SH
  • Standard Synergy Desk- Toddler Height 5200S
  • Educational Edge Synergy Desk- Toddler Height 5200EES

Desktop: High pressure laminate desktop is 29" wide, 32" deep and covered by PVC edge banding. Edge banding & legs are black as a standard option unless Educational Edge* is requested. Only available in High Pressure Laminate.

Frame: Desktop support: Powder coated ¾" square 18 gauge steel tubing.

Legs: Powder-coated 2 1⁄8" round 18-gauge steel.

Insert Legs: Chrome-plated 2" round 16-gauge steel with two self-locking screws. Legs adjust in 1" increments to heights from 23" to 32". Legs are attached to desk with quick-mount brackets.

Toddler Height Legs: Height adjusts in 1" increments from 17" to 22". Add “S” at the end of model when ordering.

Glides: Matching colored polypropylene 2" adjustable glides.

Assembly Sheets

  • 2021 02 Academia Furniture Educational Furniture Synergy Series 2000076 21


Cut/Sales Sheets

Environmental Certification

  • 2024 04 Academia Furniture Educational Furniture 2300155 02


Finishes and Options

Standard Edge & Leg Color Options
Educational Edge & Leg Color Options (EE)
Jr. Petal Mesh Bookbox

Mesh bookbox for the Junior Petal Series desk 17"W x 12"D x 4"H

Shipping Information
  • Shipping Class: 70
  • 9DF1950-MBB: 3.5 lbs // 300 per skid
Mesh Bookbox for Illustration V2

This mesh bookbox is 17"W x 12"D x 4.5"H. This bookbox is for the Illustration V2 desk.

Shipping Information
  • Shipping Class: 70
  • 9DF17-MBB: 4 lbs // 300 per skid
3" Heavy Duty Hard Locking Casters

Select these 3" Locking Hard Casters for soft flooring like carpet.

Shipping Information
  • 99TW75-IL-HARD: 8 lbs // 540 per skid
3" Heavy Duty Soft Locking Casters

Select these 3" Locking Soft Caster for hard flooring like tile.

Shipping Information
  • 99TW75-IL-SOFT: 8 lbs // 540 per skid
Table & Desk Hook

Add this back pack hook to desk and tables.

Shipping Information
  • 9TAB-HOOK: 1000 per skid

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