C-Leg Table Series
C-Leg Table

Architecturally attractive C-Leg Tables feature a handsome mesh modesty panel allowing for improved airflow. Several size options, such as a convenient corner table, make C-Leg one of our most popular models. Excellent support, built-in wire-management and grommets. Many options to fit your specific needs.

Fifteen Year WarrantyMAS Certified Green

Key Features & Accessories

  • Built-in Wire Management

    Maintain all cables neatly tucked away with this built-in wire-management.

  • Grommets

    Funnel all cables through the grommet for an organized computer table. Tables that are above 36" in width are standard with two grommets; below 36" have only one grommet.

  • Modesty Panel

    This built-in steel mesh modesty panel allows student to sit comfortably while working.

  • Optional Keyboard

    Add a keyboard tray to free up space on the computer table.


Limitless Possibilities

The elegant C-Leg table is the all-in-one computer table. Explore all its options, colors and finishes.

Explore all of the color possibilities in our 2024 catalog

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All-in-one Computer Table



This traditionally-designed table now features a modern looking perforated modesty panel. The C-Legs offer excellent support with built-in wire-management.



Available in many widths and depths to accommodate varying numbers of students and a full array of computer equipment. Perforated modesty panel allows for improved airflow.



To make the most of these tables, we’ve included grommets and choice of optional keyboard trays and computer holders.


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General Specifications

C-Leg Computer Table with Grommets
  • Model Numbers
  • 24 x 30" Computer Table CL-2430
  • 24 x 36" Computer Table CL-2436
  • 24 x 48" Computer Table CL-2448
  • 24 x 60" Computer Table CL-2460
  • 24 x 72" Computer Table CL-2472
  • 30 x 36" Computer Table CL-3036
  • 30 x 48" Computer Table CL-3048
  • 30 x 60" Computer Table CL-3060
  • 30 x 72" Computer Table CL-3072

Tabletop: 11⁄8" thick fiberboard with high-pressure laminate surface, edge-banding and standard grommet holes. 36" table gets 1 grommets, 2 grommets for all above 36".

Frame: New and improved 11⁄8" by 21⁄8" 17-gauge black powdercoated rectangular tubing. Standard 18-gauge modesty panel with built-in wire management tray.

Glides: Standard Nylon screw-in glides. Micro adjustable.

Assembly Sheets

  • 2021 02 Academia Furniture Educational Furniture C Leg Series 2000076 13


Cut/Sales Sheets

  • 114 115 C Leg Series Computer Table 2022


Environmental Certification

  • 2025 04 Academia Furniture Educational Furniture 2400160 02


Finishes and Options

Desktop Colors
Standard Edge & Frame Option
C-Leg Connector Bridge

Bridge the gap between to computer table and extend electric cables throughout neatly.

Standard Keyboard with Mouse Pad

Standard Keyboard that is 20"W x 11" D. Mouse Pad is 9" round.

Standard Keyboard

Standard Keyboard that is 20"W x 11" D.

Computer Holder

Free up space with a Computer Holder

Computer Stand

Free up space with a Computer Stand

Screw-in Rubber Glide

This hight adjustable screw-in glide is compatible is sled base combos, C-Leg, T-Leg and XLT tables.

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