Arc Mod® with Backrest & Shelf

By Ariella Gluck

Posted April 12, 2021 in Product Knowledge

Arc Mod® with Backrest & Shelf

Comfortable, colorful, and a unique alternative to traditional seating, these soft seating Mods® are providing a fun lounge area for students to learn, collaborate and hang out in.

Seat: Polyurethane foam surrounds a 3⁄4" plywood frame supported by multiple 1 × 2 wooden pegs
Textiles: 6 Different Grade Options
Casters/Glides: Compatible with 1½" Twin Wheel
Casters and Stationary Glides.
Top: 5⁄8" Thick High-Pressure Laminate
Edge Banding: PVC 3mm edge banding. Standard
Black, White or Gray Edge, Custom Colors available.

Cushiony and cozy, the high density foam provides a welcome soft-seating change from traditional chairs. Available in six Momentum Textiles grade choices, including pen-resistant, water-resistant, and antibacterial options.