Zone Series
Work Lounge

Our latest, patented concept in semiprivate workspace for productive, protected “me-time”. Appealingly curved to deter distraction, the Zone fits lounge, library or common areas. Cushioned armrest, seat and back, Lucite desktop, footrest and power supply. Padded nylon interior and strong laminate exterior are color customizable to create the ultimate in secure self-space.

Fifteen Year WarrantyMAS Certified Green

Key Features & Accessories

  • Sturdy Footrest

    Conveniently place footrest that is welded to the frame.

  • Power Supply

    Charge up all your gadgets with two electrical outlets and two USB ports.

  • Lucite Desktop

    Thick acrylic desktop large spacious for any notepads, laptops or tablets.

  • Padded Armrest

    Work in comfort with this conveniently placed padded armrest.

  • Distraction Free Zone

    190 Degree distraction free zone for all your projects that need your undivided attention.


Limitless Possibilities

Three grades, endless colors to customize with. Explore the series.

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Work without distractions



Our latest concept in semiprivate workspace helps students get into their zone for productive, protected “me-time”. The ultimate in secure self-space.



Invitingly appealing with its curved, cozy design, the Zone is perfect for lounge, library or common areas, featuring a power supply for recharging devices. Higher front deters distractions.



Cushioned armrest, seat and chair back, sturdy footrest and lucite desktop provide optimal comfort. Padded nylon interior and strong laminate exterior.



Units may be configured in various patterns for privacy while interior of unit allows students to sit in a relaxed or straight position. Fully color customizable to match room or school decor.

General Specifications

  • Model Numbers
  • Zone Grade 1 ZONE-G1
  • Zone Grade 2 ZONE-G2
  • Zone Grade 3 ZONE-G3

Frame: Fully welded steel frame. The frame consists of 1" square 14 gauge steel. Plywood and high pressure laminate attach to the outer side of the steel frame. High density foam upholstered with a choice of coated fabric or vinyl colors that complete the inside of the frame.

Seat: Attached to the frame of the unit. 24" wide x 16" deep with a seat height of 17". The seat has a high density foam with a durable coated fabric. The seat can be upholstered in a different color than the inside. 

Tablet: ½" thick acrylic, teardrop shape that is 24" wide and 16" deep. There are 2 brackets that are 7 gauge steel. These brackets attach directly to the steel frame with machine screws. 

Armrest: Features a 13"W x 4"D cushioned arm rest. The armrest can be upholstered in a different color than the inside.

Foot Rest: ¾" steel tube extends out 4" and is 13" wide. There are 2 small steels tubes that are welded to the frame that the footrest attaches to. 

Glides: The unit rests on 6 height adjustable glides that connect to the steel frame. The 1½" glides have a rubber finish.

Power Supply: The input voltage 100V~240v, rated voltage AC125V, rated power is 1650W. Rated current is 10A, and USB output is DC 5V Max 2.1A for 2 USB Port.

Textiles: Three different grade options available: Grade 1 - Vinyl, Grade 2 - Crypton, and Grade 3 - Silica. 

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